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EMC-240B Surge Suppressor

Key Product Benefits

  • Can be mounted on the AC service by conduit, junction box, or power panel utilizing a standard inch threaded hole
  • Features total solid state technology for reliability and quick response to surges. Two advanced, metal oxide varistors (MOV) are the primary protective elements. Each MOV is capable of 40,000 amps of surge current
  • Protection components are designed to fail short and are fused. After a surge, the suppressor automatically recovers and is ready for the next surge. In a rare event of MOV failure, the fuse opens and the indicator LED extinguishes

The EMC-240B Surge Arrestor/Suppressor is designed to protect powered OSP telecom cabinets, home electrical panels, or similar electronic equipment from destructive voltage surges. Wires exit from top of unit for easy panel mounting. Designed to be installed in standard two phase 120/240 Volt or single phase 110 Volt circuits. Front-facing LEDs indicate the protection circuitry is functioning properly.