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706, 202 Series DS-3 Protector Panel and Coax Rack Mount Module

Key Product Benefits

  • Greatly increases network reliability and significantly improves system survivability
  • Coaxial gas tube protector is equipped with an integral failshort mechanism to protect against power-cross conditions
  • Robust design, each 202 is equipped with two surge protectors packaged in a metallic housing which provides EMI shielding
  • 202 Series modules are equipped with BNC type female connectors

The 706 Series DS-3 Protector Panel accommodates the 202 Series coax rack mount modules. The panel can accommodate up to six 202 Series modules which consists of 12 coax protectors. Designed specifically for today’s high speed digital coax distribution networks, Tii’s state-of-the-art DS-3 Protector Panel protects personnel and equipment from lightning and power-induced overvoltage surges on coaxial cable circuits.