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344, 345, 348, 349 Series Station Protectors

Key Product Benefits

  • The BIG MAC® Utility Enclosure is molded of durable, weather-resistant thermoplastic that is made to resist cracking, crazing, and discoloration
  • Cover is designed to fit securely to the base to provide maximum protection against environmental conditions and the intrusion of any foreign matter
  • The base includes a flexible grommet to seal the wiring exit area, allowing room for drop, ground, and station wiring
  • A threaded stud provides a common ground point for grounding and bonding the shield of buried drop, and securing one or two Tii protector

Tii Totel Failsafe® Station Protectors are the basic components of Tii Station Protectors and consist of a Tii Surge Protector module in a 160G BIG MAC® Utility Enclosure, with molded in–ground stud.