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ISB-GF Series Intercom System Bypass

Key Product Benefits

  • Tool-Less termination
  • Module is designed to snap easily into the ISB-Plate sole separately
  • Protects DSL signal from degradation caused by telephone entry systems
  • Terminations are made to gel-sealed insulation displacement contacts (IDC) by means of convenient tool-less rocker assemblies. Wire strip is not required

The ISB-GF enables sensitive G.fast signals to bypass around telephone and gate entry systems commonly used in apartment buildings and gated communities. The module enables the POTS portion of the Telco’s signals to be routed through the entry system and recombined with the pristine DSL signal for transport to the apartment or home, avoiding the severe losses associated with routing the DSL signal through the telephone entry system. The ISB module easily snaps into the ISB Plate adapter panel.