FET1 Series Fiber Entrance Terminal Demarcation Enclosure

Key Product Benefits

  • Indoor/outdoor for wall or pole mounting
  • 2 fusion splice capacity
  • Modular adapter plate snaps easily into existing FET1 enclosure
  • One, two, or four LC, SC, SC-APC adapters for OSP to customer fiber transition
  • Compact, low profile design for applications where space is limited

The FET1 Series are compact, patch and splice enclosures designed to provide a demarcation and transition point between fiber drop cable and the customer premise fiber cable. Designed as an adapter plate for Tii’s 169 Series Sealed Wire Terminal Enclosure, the unit can be factory installed with industry standard single, dual or quad fiber coupler(s). The internal fiber routing system allows for proper bend radius and slack storage of bend insensitive fiber.