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Delta™ Series Hybrid Protector Modules

Key Product Benefits

  • Available in 75V, 230V, or 350V
  • Available in single or five-pin configurations
  • Five-pin configuration compatible with other manufacturers’ equipment
  • Quality components: high-speed diode, superior 3-element gas tube, and dependable sneak fuse or heat coil
  • Reduces service calls and repair costs

The Delta™ Protector provides premium, high-speed protection for sensitive communications and data equipment. The module of choice in high lightning areas, the Delta offers superior protection from overvoltages and overcurrents preventing costly damages to equipment.
The Delta™ Protector coordinates very high speed diodes with a powerful, three-element gas tube and heat coils. When exposed to high voltage conditions, the diode, with a response time of less than 5 nanoseconds, reacts to clamp the voltage until the gas tube ionizes and shunts the energy to ground. The 75V module is particularly effective in protecting non-digital switching systems.