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355M Maximum Duty Totel Failsafe TFS Station Protector Module

Key Product Benefits

  • 355M module is entirely self-contained and consists of a Maximum Duty three-electrode gas tube surge arrester, a fail short mechanism, and a backup air gap
  • Entire assembly is completely encapsulated to prevent moisture entry and environmental contamination
  • Surge protection is provided in three ways:
    1. The gas tube operates on over-voltage surges and shunts the transient to ground
    2. The fail short device operates under power cross conditions to permanently ground the line
    3. The backup air gap provides surge protection in the unlikely event should the gas tube arrester vent

Tii’s Totel Failsafe Station Protector Modules are the basic components of Tii Station Protectors, and the 355M Maximum Duty Protector provides years of reliable protection against power surges and the damage they can cause.